Academy matches vs Sturt and Prospect (Monday November 20)

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Nov 212017

Kensington’s Academy teams had their first hit outs against other clubs on Monday night with five games played at various venues around Adelaide.

At Colonel Waite Oval the Black team had a tough start, finishing their 25 overs at 8/64. A few too many dot balls during our innings but there were bright spots from Jim Kelly and Henry Smart who both retired on 12. Sturt were very good in their reply, pacing their innings well and not losing a wicket – running out victors with 0/83.

At Ford Oval the Red team was in early trouble losing a heap of wickets at the start of our innings. Things were rescued by Edward Dolling who made a brilliant 50* from 50 balls. His innings helped us reach 85 from our 25 overs. We struggled to take wickets in our bowling innings but managed to keep the runs down. Sturt finished at 3/76.

There was a cliffhanger at Langman Reserve with the Yellow team hanging on for a tight win. We finished with 7/102 from our 25 overs batting first. Riley Smith (12*) and Tyson Matthews (15) had a good partnership at the top of the order before some late hitting from Harry Woods (12*) and Harry Hooworth-Moule (20) got us up to a defendable score. Wickets to Edward Nitschke and Alex Pertl plus a couple to Riley Smith kept us in the game. Leg spinner Harry Hooworth-Moule bowled the last over with Sturt requiring 4 runs to tie and 5 runs to win. The over went; one, dot, wicket, dot, one, wicket which was enough to deliver a two run win.

At Leroy Oval the Green team batted first against Prospect. We had contributions right down the order and finished our 25 overs at 5/90. Noah Latimer made 16* opening the batting while George Wicks (9*) and Thomas Riggall (10) kept things moving. An excellent partnership at the end between Archer Schwarz (23* off 17 balls) and Lucas Donlan (7*) saw us reach 90. We will bowl next week.

At Marryatville the Blue team finished with 6/79 batting first. Top scorers were Riley McDonald and Jesse Laing with 10 and Jude Thomas and Tharan Balachander with 9 each. Sturt scored quickly in the reply and finished with 2/110. Freddie Whitford and Oliver Ellis were the wicket takers.

A really fun night with some challenging cricket played. A huge thank you to Mick Weatherald and the Sturt District Cricket Club and also Charlie Newman & Peter Forbes from Prospect for organising the games. There will be more matches played next Monday.

U 16 Whites Round 3

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Nov 212017

Kensington defeated East Torrens

Day 1, As we all arrive late to the game due to the assistance of a confused Google Maps which guided most of us to either the Velodrome or the Croatian Club, we descended onto the ground to view the pitch. Well what a pitch it was, unrolled, unweeded with a very distinctive camber. Mmm do we bat or bowl?

As the Australian saying goes “go tails with the toss, think about bowling first, think again and then bat”. Well on the back of 2 very good games the boys decided to back themselves in and go for an outright from the word go.  A good decision from a confident team unit. The boys are sent out with a target of 3 wickets per session.

The team welcomes Charlie McKay into the side for the first time as JT steps up to open the bowling as Harry and Anik had been called up into the RED’s.  He was supported by Austin from the other end.  The pitch wasn’t giving any assistance at all and the boys had to work hard. The hardest work of the day was left to the wicket keepers as the ball would go through at ankle level.

Lachie Gitsham was in close with helmet, box and shin pads on adding pressure to the batsmen as the ball went either side of him. All the lads stepped up, superbly led by Sam and the pressure was on.

7 overs down for 13 runs and JT gets the breakthrough caught by Austin. 3 overs later Austin bowls a ripper and Sam takes a one-handed pearler in first slip. 2 for 26.

JT bowls on leg and the batsman glides the ball down to fine leg and they set off, Austin picks up and throws to the far end and the batsman is short of his ground. 3 for 26 and we as a team have hit our first target.

Time for a bowling change and Solomon comes into the play and that man Austin again with a catch. 4 for 36 in the 18th over and well on our way.

Into the second session and we are on top. East Torrens dig in for a fight and start slowing it up. A few hard miss chances go by and the ball starts playing lower and lower as it seems the track was slowing up.  On comes our spinner with Zac controlling the flight and we pick up our 5th wicket with an excellent stumping by Will. 5 for 70 after 27 overs.

Sam brings himself on and has his man clean bowled.  6 for 81.  Sam continues and the new batsman smashes the ball to backward of square where Nolen takes a great down low catch. 7 for 81.

Sam makes another move and Lachy Gitsham is bought on from the Northern end as we try to get our second target of 3 for the session with time against us. Last ball before lunch and yes Gitch does it.  LBW to dismiss their leading run scorer 8 for 94 at tea.

After a quick bite to eat and 4 litres of cordial, the boys are back out there with plenty of yap and the focus on the remaining 2 wickets and more importantly to keep them under 120 runs. James Woods is asked to bowl flat out and to have the batsmen on the back foot which he did and was very unlucky not to be rewarded with a wicket or two.  JT is back into the attack and Sam takes another good catch. 9 for 108 with an hour left and the coach starts sending the word out to slow it right down so we won’t have to bat. However, Sam and JT have other ideas with James Woods taking the catch to end East Torrens’ innings for 119.

James Taylor 3 for 20 off 8
Austin Davidson 1 for 12 off 8
James Woods 0 for 16 off 8
Solomon Muster 1 for 7 off 5
Zac Sauerwald 1 for 16 off 10
Nolen Titus 0 11 off 2
Charlie McKay 0 for 9 off 3
Lachy Gitsham 1 for 9 off 3
Noah Leydon 0 for 9 off 5

On a hard pitch which conceded 13 byes, 13 wides and 10 no balls.

Kensi go in with 40 minutes to bat or 14 overs. Charlie McKay and Will Sherman head out to bat full of composure with only one thing on their minds – 6pm.  They are told to take their time, play their normal game and enjoy themselves with a task of getting through to the end of play and to have the score under 100.

 We sat down for a tense 40 minute spell.  No need to worry. No night watchman required as the boys, playing together for the first time, set off to bat without any trouble or chances given to leave us 91 runs to chase for a win, this included some impressive pitch gardening from both batsmen as well as taking guard each over.

EODP 0 for 28

Day 2, We turn up on the second day at 0 for 25 off 14 overs with the West Torrens coach very keen NOT to play. On inspection of the pitch we find it to be damp and rough but despite this we let the umpire know that we are ready to go and as the umpire was keen for match payments the was game on.

It was a hard day early with the ball coming off very slow from a short length delivery and at times the ball would leave an impression in the pitch.  At full length the ball could dart off in any direction and at any height.

Our batsmen have to dig in deep to ensure a fighting win as we lose 5 of the top order caught in close off slow ballooning balls due to the pitch conditions.

Our openers, who bravely batted through the 14 overs the week before on a bouncy uneven wicket  find themselves facing  the total opposite and Charlie leads the way facing approx. 80 balls for 27 runs and Will 55 balls for his 11.  Our first loss comes with 34 runs on the board.

We lose quick wickets and it seems our eagerness to play may be going against us.  We find ourselves going from 1 for 34 to be 4 for 64 and then 6 for 92 as the pitch starts to dry up leaving hand grenades lying everywhere.  Our Captain Sam led the way with a great controlled and measured innings picking off singles and forcing the fielding team to work hard.

Sam worked hard with the middle order and there was some relief when Lachlan G hit 2 quick fours.   Zac worked hard off 15 balls to collectively put on a 19 run partnership with Sam.   Nolen walked to the pitch un fazed at 7 for 111 to help bring the win home facing 21 balls in a partnership of 32.

At 8 for 143 we have a mid-pitch conference and with Sam in the 40’s he suggests a declaration as every good captain would.   We decide to bat on as JT was keen to have a swing and to allow Sam to let loose.  The lads, with smiles on their faces,  let their bats do the talking as we batted on until 4:20pm when JT was caught for 27 ( 3 fours and a six).  Sam finished not out 71 off 80 balls.

We declared to give ourselves a go at an outright.  This decision was well supported by James as the next incoming batsmen who understood what was at stake.

The outright wasn’t to be as the opposition finished with hard hitting 2 for 97.

Highlights of the game;

  • Sam Lucas’s Captain’s Knock of 71 not out and 2 great catches
  • Charlie Mackay hard fought opening innings
  • Jamie Taylor 4 wickets and assisted run out for the match and his entertaining 27 runs
  • Austin’s run out after picking the ball up at fine leg to throw to the bowler’s end and his unlucky and economical bowling spells
  • James Wood’s attitude when declaring.


West End One Day Cup Round 4

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Nov 202017

U14 Whites Round 3

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Nov 202017

14 Whites v East Torrens

The 14-white team headed to Rostrevor School to take on East Torrens. Kensi won the toss and elected to bat on what looked like a cracking deck. Kyle Adams and Sam Vartuli got us away to a reasonable start before Sam was caught, 1/23 after 9. Scoring seemed to be difficult with the wicket just being a little slow and low, but our boys were showing some good patience waiting for the bad balls. The ET spinners were bowling well and putting our boys under continued pressure. Hugo Ellery (7) lost the fight bowled around his legs followed not long after by Kyle (16) tickling one down the Leg side caught by the keeper. At 3 for 68 after 25 overs we were positioned reasonably well and felt we were going to post a big total however we had a bit of a middle order collapse (again) with the exception of Oscar Lawrence who again held the team up. Oscar made a very good 28 Before being caught. In A little trouble at 7/95 we really needed our bottom order to fire, Step in Mitchel Makings who went about building a good innings being patient whilst taking the bad ball opportunities to score. Supported very well by Harry Burgess the pair put on a 40-run partnership before Mitch was bowled trying to push the score along with limited over left. Mitch made a well-earned 28 with Harry Burgess making a patient 16 before being run out. We really did miss an opportunity to post a big score but all in all felt we had enough runs, all out 153 in the 57th over.

Day Two

Rain Rain  Rain, No expectation to play at all, expecting the wicket to be unprepared and unplayable. However on arrival we were greeted with a prepared deck that looked as good as any deck you would play on. It was a little damp but other than that it looked very playable. (absolute credit to the Rostrevor ground staff!). 2 new green shirt umpires, one team that wanted to play one that didn’t, a perfect day for cricket and a lot of confusion as to what was going to happen. ET wanted to pack up and go home but with such a good deck up we really wanted to play. Umpires made the decision to wait 30 minutes and check. Still a bit damp so another 30 mins provided a pretty good pitch, all instructed to gear up and play!

What a great learning experience it was for our boys! So many questions about how / what / why but in the end a game of cricket prevailed. 43 overs to get 10 wickets to win! We had the target now we needed to perform at our best!

ET had pretty much given up before a ball was bowled and decided to play for a draw (really don’t understand that mentality) meaning our boys needed to earn their wickets, nothing was going to come easily. Josh Tamke bowled with fantastic rhythm and got our first breakthrough in the 7th over. Liam Overall bowled fast and was really troubling the batsman getting our second in the 10 over ET 2/11. Liam then got another in the 14th bowling in a fantastic partnership with Mitch Makings, Mitch getting the 4th wicket. Only one ET player looked the goods trying to score (credit to you Hamish Headland) but unfortunately was run out after a bad call by his batting partner. ET in real trouble 5/39 in the 19th. Wickets had started to prove hard to take, our spinners bowling well but not having much luck (a few dropped catches not helping) until a good stumping by Sam Vartuli broke the deadlock. Spin was now becoming pretty easy to play so Oscar decided to bring back our fastest bowler in Liam. Liam decided to bowl into the ribs and found immediate success taking the last two wickets in succession. Et only having 10 players for the day robbed him of a Hat Trick Ball. ET All Out 74 (39 overs) A great effort by our boys, good positive cricket all day.

This was a fantastic opportunity for all boys (both sides) to learn more about the game and develop a better mindset to playing in sub perfect conditions. Winning /losing really is the least important part of teaching 11,12,13 year old kids how to play the game better. 

This team continues to improve, and it is fantastic to see them working so hard as a team in games.


West End Men’s 2nd Grade Round 4

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Nov 192017

Statewide Women’s 1st Grade Round 1

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Nov 162017

ATCA Women’s 1st Grade Round 3

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Nov 162017

West End Men’s 3rd Grade Round 4

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Nov 142017

Academy Matches – Monday November 13th

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Nov 142017

At Victoria Park the Black team took on the Yellow team. The Black team batted first and opener Harry Dangerfield got them away to a good start with 16*. Henry Goold came in and struck a fluent 29 including one large six. Jim Kelly made 20* off only 13 balls while Henry Smart finished with a quickfire 15*. The Black team finished with 5/141. Best of the bowlers was Harry Hooworth-Moule with 2/29.

The Yellow reply began slowly before Harry Woods (21*) got things moving. Harry Hooworth-Moule (20*) and Tyson Matthews (23*) had a crack at the target but in the end they ran out of overs, falling 24 runs short at 2/117.

On the adjacent oval the Red and Green teams fought out a thriller. The Greens batted first and with a few players away on camp all players got to spend plenty of time in the middle. Lucas Saunders made 43 runs across a couple of innings while Noah Latimer made 39. Harry Orchard chipped in with 24 and the Greens finished at 9/151. Tom Thredgold was the best of the Reds’ bowlers with 3/10 while Luke Szabo and Ryan Percival took 2 wickets each.

The run chase started well with Tom Thredgold (19*) and Darcy Young (16*) putting together a strong opening stand. Binuga Pathirana (19) and Luke Szabo (22) kept the momentum going but a couple of nice catches and run outs kept the game on a knife’s edge.

In the end the Reds required three runs to win from the last ball. Harry Orchard (2/24) held his nerve sending down a dot ball to deliver the Green team the win.

At Marryatville High School the Blue team played their second internal trial. Best with the bat were Oliver Ellis (14*) and Tom Waugh (13*) while there were several standout performers with the ball. Aston Hogben took 5/12, Arunesh Ghosh took 4/6 while Tom Waugh made it a good all-round day with 4/16.

Next week our teams start their matches against other grade clubs.

West End Men’s 4th Grade Round 4

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Nov 132017

West End Men’s 1st Grade Round 4

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Nov 132017

Academy Matches – Monday November 6th

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Nov 092017

The Kensington Academy had its first round of matches on Monday with three games played.

At a chilly Victoria Park, the Red team took on the Black team. The Reds batted first and amassed 11/133 from their 32 overs. The running between wickets was a feature with Morgan Young (21*) and Binuga Pathirana (19*) the standouts before Ryan Percival returned to the crease with a quickfire 30. Off spinner Adithya Venugopal finished with the amazing figures of 6/6 for the Black team while Henry Smart and Henry Goold each took 2 wickets.

In the Black innings Jim Kelly made a fluent 24*, Jack Michalanney whacked 18* and Oscar Rice chipped in with 17 to see the Black team over the line. They finished with 7/146. Ryan Percival with 2/27 was the best of the bowlers while Jesse McMahon took a great slips catch.

Also at Victoria Park was the Green vs Yellow match. The Green team batted first and finished with 5/92. They had solid contributions from Noah Prenzler (14), Harry Orchard (12*) and George Wicks (14*) before Thomas Hodgkinson blasted 24* to get them up to what would be a winning score. Aadi Mittal and Tyson Matthews with a wicket each were the best of the Yellow bowlers.

The Yellow innings started slowly thanks to some tight bowling and as the run rate required rose, so too did the risk-taking. That led to plenty of wickets and the Yellow team finished on 14/61. Tyson Matthews 10 and Aadi Mittal 13 were the leading run scorers while Thomas Hodgkinson and Lucas Saunders each finished with 3 wickets.

The win propels the Green team to the top of the ladder after Round 1.

At Marryatville High School our youngest team (Kensington Blue) were playing an internal match. There were some excellent performances with the bat and with plenty of gaps in the field a good chance for the players to develop their running between wickets. Tharan Balachander (17) and Ashton Hogben (27) both batted freely without being dismissed while Jesse Laing (20 for once out) and Jude Thomas (22 for once out) were other standouts.

With the ball leg spinner Jude Thomas was excellent with 3 wickets while Ashton Hogben, Jesse Laing and Oliver Ellis took 2 each.

The second round of matches will be played next Monday.

Kensington News Highlights

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Nov 072017

Test Match Dinner

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Nov 072017

RSVP Online Below By 24th Nov



Statewide Women’s 1st Grade T20 Round 4

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Nov 072017

West End Men’s 1st Grade Round 3

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Nov 062017

Under 14 Whites Round 2

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Nov 062017

14 Whites defeated Adelaide

The 14-whites headed down to West Beach to play Adelaide at home. Losing the toss Adelaide elected to bat and started to try and bore the kensi side to death with very negative batting and purely survival on their minds. It took until the 8th over for us to get our first wicket and this pretty much set the tone for the day. The kensi boys toiled hard and managed to take wickets at a slow rate but with very few runs being added. At the 30 over mark Adelaide were 6 for 44 and we felt well in control. Oscar Lawrence was leading from the front again with a cracking spell of 4/0. Unfortunately, after tea the boys got extremely tired and lethargic and struggled to take the last few wickets with Adelaide finishing on 9/131.

Best bowlers:  Liam overall, Jasper Thomas, Harry Burgess, and Oscar Lawrence

Day Two

The boys were instructed to play positive cricket and look for scoring opportunities however in the first and fifth overs we lost wickets to be 2/9 and certainly not the start we had hoped for. Enter Oscar Lawrence and Oliver Cooke who first, steadied the innings then when about winning the game! A fantastic 112 run partnership featuring lots of two’s (the boundaries where huge! for this age cricket) and only a handful of fours getting us to 135 before Oliver Cooke was run out for 41. Oscar made his first 50! Getting to 61 before he was dismissed. A small collapse followed with the boys instructed to play as if they were chasing 200 losing 4 wickets cheaply, however there was a fantastic little inning from Nick Graves putting on a quick 20. The boys eventually bowled out in the 55th over for 187.

A special thankyou to Hugo Ellery who was rostered off for this game but came down supported and scored for both days!

All in all a really good hit out by the boys and hopefully the start of more success!

West End Men’s 3rd Grade Round 3

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Nov 062017

Under 14 Reds Round 2

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Nov 062017

Adelaide defeated Kensington

Kensington     All out   133    lost first innings,  Adelaide   4 /267

Wow, that was some fantastic batting. Beautifully clean and fast. Unfortunately not by us  though !

Kensington batted first on a seaming swinging wicket and we never really found any batting rhythm, falling for a mediocre 133 helped by a free hitting Max Michalanney (23) and Extras  (22) . Resistance late by Milo Bennet (21) and Archie Walters (22) gave us some hope and we saw the opportunity to have 4 overs at them at the end of the day as a positive although they escaped away to 22 without loss. Despite that, we knew our bowling depth would give us a chance but on the second day the pitch proved otherwise with no assistance to our top end bowlers.

The rest as they say is history with an opening stand of 164 off 29 overs before their opener was caught on the boundary for 95 and the other succumbing for 61 shortly after due to some inspired leg spin by Archie who finished the day with  3 for 34 (11). Contrary to the result our bowlers again bowled well without luck and we were unlucky not to get a few decisions our way with Jack Matchett again proving slippery 0 /23 (8) and a great second spell by Milo   0/32 (7) deserving wickets on the flat pitch. Ishaan again proved frugal  0/22 (8) with both their openers hitting freely at the time.

A tough day for the captain ( Max Kelly ) with days like that, but he led from the front with some great wicketkeeping, and kept the over rate going and the team together as a solid unit.

We now know the calibre we have to play at to be competitive and hopefully next week our skills will shine.

West End Men’s 4th Grade Round 3

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Nov 052017

Day 1
It was a spectacular day of cricket at Col Waite for the D Grade. Year 12 student Hamish Porter won the toss in his first game as D Grade captain, and we had a bat first. Wickets fell early, but Konnis was solid with 28. His wicket saw the Mosey boys come to the crease together. With Nick pulled out of retirement by a lack of available players. The brothers batted together for the first time, and were working beautifully as a pair when D Mosey fell for 16, a partnership of 68. Nick Mosey continued on, smacking the ball to all parts of the ground in a spectacular knock from a man who hadn’t picked up a cricket bat in 2 years. Nick had strong support from Vivian (16) and N. Holmes (15), but there was no mistaking that he was in control. Nick hit 7 sixes and 20 fours on his way to a spectacular score of 145. Certainly a handy innings from the late call-up.

After N Mosey fell, the team found itself in a bit of trouble, but a mature knock from the young skipper H. Porter (33) was vital to draining the momentum from the Port Adelaide bowlers. The tail put on 46 runs for the last 4 wickets, and batted out a good number of overs to tire out the opposition. Ingram was the last wicket to fall, he referred to his terrible swipe as a “tactical declaration” in hindsight. The D’s finished with 272, Port had 15 overs to bat.

N Mosey 145
H Porter 33
J Konnis 28

A pair of peaches from Nick Holmes and Darcy Hunkin saw the openers removed quickly. Their number 3 was looking to play shots, but Darcy had other ideas. The 16 year-old in his second senior game unleashed a devastating spell of left arm bowling that decimated the Port line-up. Darce knocked the number 3’s leg stump out of the ground, before hitting middle with his very next ball. Facing a hat-trick ball, the Port batsman decided to attack, and charged down the wicket. Darcy struck him on the pad, and got his hatrick. A fantastic effort, but it didn’t stop there. Darce stuck again in his next over to claim 5-for. The opposition clearly rattled by his in-swingers, 4 of his wickets were LBW, rare for a left-armer. Not to be outdone Holmesy got another two wickets and Darce finished off his age-mandated spell of 6 overs by knocking over another one.

Port finished the day on 9/29 after 14 overs, an incredible effort by the boys, especially Darcy. 6-for, including a hat-trick in his second senior game, all at age 16. A beautiful spell of bowing.
Hunkin: 6 overs, 6-4.
Holmes: 7 overs, 3-24

An amazing day of cricket. The team will be hoping that they can skittle them again next week to claim a strong outright win.   Kensington 10/272. Port Adelaide 9/29

LO Division 1 Round 4

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Nov 052017

West End Men’s 2nd Grade Round 3

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Nov 042017

B Grade – Kensington defeated Port Adelaide at Parkinson Oval 

Day 1
A slightly greener then normal Parkinson oval pitch greeted the B grade on day one of their clash against Port Adelaide. Skipper Daniel Burns was under no illusions and had zero hesitation batting first when he won the toss. It wasn’t an ideal start with opener Michael Sullivan snicking off to gully in the first 4 overs. Sully had been working throughout the Southern Flinders over the previous 2 weeks and had driven a total of 7 hours over two successive Fridays to return to Adelaide only to be dismissed two games in a row for scores of 0 and 0. Duck season can be a cruel mistress. Michael Davies, having earned a call up to the B grade after strong performances in the C grade, set about his business with Hugh Crannendonk having come down from the A grade. Davies looked in great touch from the very first ball he faced, a cracking cover drive. Crannendonk was a focused man on a mission showing great controlled aggression and diligent application as he progressed the score at a cracking rate. The two had a 118 run partnership which took control of the game early and helped lay a fantastic foundation for the team. It took and absolute hanger from Port’s Keeper Sheedy to dismiss Davies who made a solid 35 from 80. Crannendonk at the other end was hitting them clean with multiple boundaries and one rather large roof ball. He had the team working in overdrive as he went through 2 bats, 6 pairs of gloves and 3 separate towels as his score raced along to 105 before he was dubiously judged LBW. Cranner’s presented a range of anecdotal evidence as to why he wasn’t out such as the likelihood he had hit the ball and the questionable height, but received no support from his star witness, Charlie Holmes whom he was batting with him at the time. Holmes was quoted as simply saying ‘plum mate, sorry’. Unfortunately a handy 46 by birthday boy Charles Holmes was the only other contribution of significance and despite the extremely strong start the B Grade succumbed to improved balling fielding effort from Port Adelaide and a constant flow of wickets ensued. Holmes was a particularly unlucky one after a bouncer hit him flush on the helmet before the ball, seemingly defying physics, somehow hit the stumps. Looked like a dismissal straight out of stick cricket.  Our total score was 256 all out in the 72nd over and in the end some handy runs from bowlers Burns 12, Lecawasm 10 and Cappulleti 12 were required to be competitive. Was the best 12 not out you’ve ever seen from a number 11 according to Michael Cappuletti.

This gave us 16 overs at Port Adelaide which was a decent chunk of time to hopefully make some inroads. Make some inroads the B grade did with Cappuletti and Eckerman picking up key early wickets including the dangerous Reynolds. Ty Wunderburg was in the game with a sharp catch at Gully adding to his growing number of great catches so far this season. Hiran Lecawasm produced something special throwing down the stumps to give the B grade their 3rd wicket and great momentum leading into next week with Port Adelaide at 3/32 overnight chasing 256 on what is another beautiful pitch for batting. A good game awaits next week, if the B grade can win they will be 3 from 3.    


Kensington players selected @ U19 National Championships

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Nov 042017

Six Kensington players selected in 13 player Squad to represent SA at U19 National Championships in Tasmania in December.

Congratulations to Kensington players (left to right) Lloyd Pope, Henry Dall, Cameron Fatchen, Lucas Froude, Ashley Eckermann and Ewan Fletcher on their selection in the SA Squad for the U19 National Championships