Kensington Junior Trophy Winners 2015 -2016

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Apr 102016

U16 Reds

Batting – Jed Spence 546 runs @45.5

Bowling – Adam Clements 39 wickets @ 8.51

Fielding – James DuPreez

U16 Whites

Batting – Arham Hashmi 257 runs @64.25

Bowling – William McGowan 24 wickets @8.46

Fielding – Jack Konnis

U14 Reds

Batting – Christian Leddicoat 658 runs @65.80

Bowling – Liam Greber 25 wickets @9.72

Fielding – Matthew Slack

U14 whites

Batting – Caleb Hoberg 202 runs@ 25.25

Bowling – Caleb Hoberg 18 wickets @10.17

Fielding – Harrison Chow

U14 Player of the year

Christian Leddicoat

U16 Player of the year

Adam Clements

Junior Players of the year (A Grade Debutants)

Lloyd Pope 47 wickets @12.0  (15 matches)

Cameron Fatchen 41 wickets @ 16.8 (21 matches)

Academy Winners


Green-Fergus Carruthers 160 runs@ 26.7

Pink-Frank Packer 141 runs@ 35.3

Yellow- Max Kelly 136 runs @27.2

Red- Wills Hillier 131 runs @21.8

Blue – Jamie Taylor 121 runs @ 40.3


Blue- Darius Boast 12 wickets@ 6.8

Yellow- Archie Walters 9 wickets @ 5.6

Pink -Theo Harper 8 wickets @ 9.0

Green- Kai Hoberg 8 wickets @ 10.3

Red- Conor Dwyer 7 wickets @ 10.7


Green- Noah Prenzler

Red – Jasper Thomas

Blue – Jordan Barnett

Yellow- Oscar Lawrance

Pink – Sam Neave

Most Valuable Junior Player

Academy senior- Charlie McKay

Academy junior – Fergus Carruthers


Under 16 Grand Final red and white teams

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Mar 272015

Under 16 Grand Final red and white teams

Congratulations to all the 35 member squad for making such a great contribution to the Kensington cricket club this season and helping both our teams make the Grand Finals. Selection has been really tough with extra players available for the final due to school cricket committments being completed so a few players have missed out on the GF but still are a very important part of the teams and overall squad.

What an exciting time for our talented young cricketers The REDS take on West Torrens at Henley GM oval starting at 1.30 so be there by 12.45 please.

Hamish Porter Wessel van Wyke Harrison Rahaley-co captain James Cleggett-co captain Euan Fletcher Tom van der Jeugd Sean McCullum-wk Will Loffler James DuPreez Adam Clements Lloyd Pope John Bliss 13th man is Lewys Evans

The WHITES take on TTG at Ford oval starting at 1.30 so be there by 12.45 Yes bring afternoon tea

Fred McClure Arham Hashmi Jed Spence-wk Luke Valente Jono Connelly- captain Oliver Harms Ben Cox Ashley Eckermann Greg Tanti Riley Slack David Hamann Cooper Harrod 13th man Finn Hillberry

The games are Saturday and Sunday this week for the Grand final and there will be a presentation at the club Sunday night from 6pm for food and then the presentations from 7pm

Good luck to the 8 Kensington teams in Grand finals this weekend Go the Browns, thrive on the challenge and the opportunity!

Also congratulations to Arham Hashmi who has been elevated from the under 14s for the semi final.

Good luck to all the players.

U16 teams vs Adelaide at Saratoga Oval,Immanuel co

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Jan 082015
U16 teams vs Adelaide at Saratoga Oval,Immanuel college
Reds to play at  from 1pm
Please be there by 12.
Euan Fletcher
Sam Barnett
Wessel Van Wyke
James Cleggett-vc
Harrison Rahaley-capt
Steven Tanti
Sean MCullum-wk
John Bliss
Cameron Fatchen
Lloyd Pope
Adam Clements
James Ingram
Batting order to be finalised on the day
Welcome back to Cameron Fatchen for his first game of the season
Whites to play Adelaide at Ford oval at Kensington.
Please note venue change from to Marryatville to FORD oval.
Play starts at 1pm so please be there by 12.15
Please bring off afternoon tea
Jed Spence
Connor OBrien-wk
Luke Valente-capt
Jono Connelly
Hamish Porter
Greg Tanti
James Du Preez
Ashley Eckermann
David Hamann
Cooper Harrod
Riley Slack
Lewys Evans
Welcome to Greg Tanti for his first game of the season

Gary Slack  

Bonnetts Saddleworld

Round 4, Day 1 Under 16 Red Report

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Nov 232014
Following the longhaul flight through thunder storms, lighting and heavy rain, we finally landed at O’Sullivans beach, looking and feeling much more like Singapore than the southern suburbs of Adelaide.  The Southerns coach was busy with a yard broom sweeping the water away before rolling out the carpet on the narrow concrete deck.  With a burst of sunlight, the umpire called for the toss that James Cleggett won and had no hesitation in electing to bat.
We made a start but the 8th over claimed two early wickets leaving us 2/17, James Cleggett joined opener John Bliss to push on with building our score.  James pushed three 4’s from one over off the opening bowler which brought about a bowling change seeing two spinners come into the attack.  Barely an hour of play had passed and we were off the field thanks to mounting thunder, lightning and a short burst of heavy rain.  We waited 40 minutes before the umpire called early tea to give the mixture of concrete, carpet and grass time to dry in the pockets of sunlight.  Shortly after tea and a valuable 43 run partnership, John (13) popped one back to the bowler bringing Sean McCullum to the crease.  Sean started confidently against the spinners and before we knew it James and Sean were scoring off every second ball, runs ticking over followed with 12 from one over thanks to a big six followed by a four from Sean.  Another valuable 61 run middle order partnership coming to an end with James (52) caught on the boundry, we were 4/117 in the 38th over.
With another quick wicket, Southerns were back in the game, shortly after claiming Sean’s wicket (35) which brought two new batsmen to the middle.  Adam Clements and Will Loffler pushed some quick runs Adam (13) off 12 balls and Will (18) off 19 balls but we needed to hold wickets and let the runs come.  Hamish Porter (6*) held up his end but we quickly ran out of wickets closing out our 166 run innings in 50 overs.  This gave us 30 minutes of play remaining to have a go at Southerns, Ollie Harms opened the bowling and rattled the openers with real pace having both play and miss more than they would be proud of.  It was Ashley Eckermann who claimed the first scalp thanks to the safe hands of keeper Sean McCullum, at stumps they were 1/19 from 9 overs.
An interrupted day of play, runs on the board and a rich bowling attack to travel back next week, lets hope the jet lag does not play a factor in the game.  Stay tuned for Graeme Klemm’s match wrap up report next week.
Peter Cleggett.

U16 teams against Southern Districts

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Nov 202014

U16 Reds for this weeks game against Southern District at O’Sullivan Beach no1 oval It is a hard wicket pitch so please bring sand shoes as well. Reds playing Southern Districts at 1.30 Please try to be at the ground by 12.45 Team manager Peter Cleggett Assistant team manager Graeme Klemm.

Team – Sam Barnett John Bliss Sean McCullum-wk James Cleggett-capt Luke Valente James du Preez Will Loffler Oliver Harms Adam Clements Hamish Porter James Ingram Ashley Eckermann

Welcome back to Will after two great games in the seniors and to James Cleggett who will be the captain for the first time. Congratulations to Wessel van Wyke for his first senior game this weekend. Lloyd Pope Wessel van Wyke Euan Fletcher Henry Dall All in the senior D grade Harrison Rahaley, Lucas Froude, Michael Cotsios and Steven Tanti in school first 11.

U16 Whites to play Southern Districts at Marryatville High School from 1.30 Please be at the ground from 12.45. Team manager Graeme Spence.

Team – Jed Spence Ben Cox Connor O’Brien Sam Carruthers-capt Tom van der Jeugd-wk Fred McClure Cooper Harrod David Hamann Finn Hillbery Riley Slack Jono Connelly Lewys Evans

Out injured or sick this week. Greg Tanti and Cameron Fatchen Rory Illman to play for the Kensington turf team this Saturday at Ford oval in his first senior game. Congratulations Rory. Sam Rahaley and Arham Hashmi back to under 14s, thanks for their great efforts for the under 16s so far this season. Gary Slack Bonnetts Saddleworld

U16 Red, Round 3 vs TTG, Day 2

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Nov 162014
World renowned, 7th generation tightrope walker Nick Walenda recently walked between two skyscrapers in Chicago. No tether. No safety net. Blindfolded. You might say no room for error.

Well our 16 Reds walked a tightrope on Saturday. They had to attack the stumps and take 8 wickets. They also had to defend the paltry target of just 85 runs. Against the top team, coming off an outright last week. No safety net. No room for error. 

If you were looking for an analogy for this game, some classics would spring to mind… Colditz, Alcatraz, Stalag Luft III which inspired The Great Escape featuring Steve McQueen. We had dug a tunnel for ourselves, but it went nowhere near the fence.

But in the spirit of those Hollywood blockbusters, plot twists and turns can make even the most futile situation seem possible. All we had to do was take a breath, dig deep and believe! The old adage that reality is stranger than fiction would be surely tested by the end of the day.

The first hour tested everyone’s patience with the target being whittled to just 49. The scales of possibility were rusted in their favour, but the seeds of greatness are sown in such adversity and James de Preez and James Ingram seized their opportunity and turned the tide with 3 for 4. The game was back in the balance at 5 for 59.

Cricket needs good leadership for the team to function effectively. With Harrison Rahaley and James Cleggett, our two appointed leaders for the season seconded to 1st Eleven and Senior duties respectively, Hamish Porter felt like a comfortable pair of shoes as he was parachuted into the captaincy for this week. And he did an outstanding job under the difficult circumstances we found ourselves in.

Excellent tight bowling, good rotations and well placed fielders were playing their part in a game that was now a 50-50 bet.

6 for 65 saw the odds slightly in our favour, but as all good punters know, a streak can finish just as quickly as it starts. Ashley Eckermann and John Bliss had consolidated our chance with nagging line and length. This was now becoming an epic. Round for round, blow for blow. Ali v Frazier.

In Chicago, the 40km/h winds were buffeting Nick Walenda as he edged towards the end of the 454 foot cable, 150m above the ground. There was no room for error. Only a 10-second delay in the television broadcast in case he fell.

At 6 for 84, it felt like our feet were slipping from the cable. No tether. No safety net. No room for error.

Hollywood movies have introduced some forgettable quotes. Especially the B-grade ones. In a recent one on Fox Classics the projectile that was slated as a “head remover” didn’t have a patch on the ball that travelled like a bullet at Hamish Porter’s face in the slips. Good thing he has big hands! 7 for 86 and the pendulum had swung again. John Bliss owes him one.

A cracking straight drive boundary, by a tailender no less, another three overs had gone past and defeat was again staring us in the face. 7 for 93. No safety net. No room for error.

Caught sub-fielder Evans, bowled Eckermann, with just a hint of controversy kept our waning spirits alive. Reality is stranger than fiction. It really is. Ricky Dumas’ finger was vertical. The batsman thought “bump”, Ricky clearly thought “chump”. There was no point in a challenge. There was no camera. 8 for 93. 8 for 94. 8 for 95. 8 for 97. And then the script went awry.

Rain had delayed the start of this game against ladder leaders TTG, and ultimately it would play a significant part in the result. The shower that caused a slightly early tea brake turned into a drizzle that would eventually see the game called off almost on the stroke of 5pm.

Had we cheated defeat? or had we been denied one of the great victories? James Ingram’s dad remarked as we walked away from the ground: “We’ll never know”. I thought to myself… do we really want to?

Cricket’s rich chronicle of stories had just been embellished with another intriguing chapter.

Graeme Klemm

Round 3, Day 1 U16 red Report

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Nov 092014
At the end of our innings, at least 14 overs shy of what we should have faced, Team Manager Peter Cleggett raised the analogy of troops landing on Omaha Beach at Normandy. They faced what seemed insurmountable odds, but the reality was they just had to find a way to win the battle. Our crack unit of U16 Reds had just lost all but one of our young men to a raging Tea Tree Gully onslaught that saw single figure wickets fall with sickening regularity. The dogged defence of opener Sam Barnett (26), the cool ambition of James du Preez (15) and the single-minded, throw-caution-to-the-wind attack of Adam Clements (44 not out) were the only signs of life left on Ford Oval by the end of our innings.

There was no point over-analysing the wickets, some of them were obvious, others may well turn up in a hangar at Area 51, Nevada. The reality was, this was our beach-head and we had to find a way to win the battle.

With only 104 runs to defend, all out attack, tempered with just a little caution about the boundary line was the plan. Utilise our best weapons first, try and punch a hole through their defences, cause some doubt in their minds. On a day that had been delayed by rain and promised much, nothing less than an early breakthrough would be good enough.

A couple of early boundaries and a life to the Bull’s own Bradman (Fitzner) ran counter to the outstanding efforts of our attack. Captain Rahaley employed the full arsenal with frenetic changes at one end to keep the batsmen guessing while keeping the relentless and sniper straight accuracy of John Bliss on at the other, hurling down grenades. Four overs, 3 maidens, 2 wickets in as many balls and John was etched in stone as the game changer. We had them hopping, the body language of the batsmen was loud and clear, they were feeling the same pressure that they had handed out to us. They still need 82 runs, we only need 8 wickets. Victory is not as far away as it was 12 overs ago.

There are many stories of fighting battles against all odds. This one has the hallmarks of a Steve McQueen classic… The Great Escape. Young men’s reputations will rise and fall on the pressure of these moments. Who’s colours will adorn the flag? The final chapters are still to be written next Saturday and the redoubtable wordsmith Ricky Dumas will no doubt deliver a twist or two by the end.

Graeme Klemm

U16 teams for this weeks game against Tea Tree Gully

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Nov 062014

U16 teams for this weeks game against Tea Tree Gully Reds playing Tea Tree Gully at Ford oval from 1.30 Please try to be at the ground by 12.45 Team manager Peter Cleggett Assistant team manager Graeme Klemm. Sam Barnett Sean McCullum-wk Wessel van Wyke James Cleggett-vc Harrison Rahaley-capt James du Preez Oliver Harms Adam Clements John Bliss Hamish Porter James Ingram Ashley Eckermann Whites to play Tea Tree Gully at Memorial oval from 1.30 Please be at the ground from 12.45. Team manager Graeme Spence. Sam Carruthers Jed Spence Luke Valente-capt Tom van der Jeugd-wk Fred McClure Arham Hashmi Ben Cox Cooper Harrod Riley Slack David Hamann Finn Hillbery Jono Connelly Out injured or away this week. Greg Tanti Connor O’Brien Euan Fletcher Lloyd Pope Rory Illman Lewys Evans Congratulations to Lloyd Pope on his recall to the seniors after a brilliant 4 wicket haul last week and to Euan Fletcher on his first senior game. Good luck to both players. Gary Slack Bonnetts Saddleworld

Round 2, day 2, U16 Red Report

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Nov 022014
Returning to Glenelg with the home side looking confident with 196 on
the board we set about the run chase on a well prepared pitch in a
howling wind.  Euan Fletcher and Sam Barnett were attacking from the
start, placing shots to both sides of the ground and running well
between the wickets.  With the loss of two wickets, both lbw
dismissals from the new umpire we were 2/38 after 12 overs.
Just as Sam (21) looked settled he tickled one onto his stumps, we
were 3/50 in the 18th on target for runs but needing to hold wickets.
James Cleggett and captain Harrison Rahaley set about stabilising the
innings with instructions to be there at tea and keep the runs ticking
over.  Thats exactly what they did, sharing the strike, running well
between the wickets and timing some beautiful boundaries.  Glenelg
made a number of bowling changes but at tea we were 3/109 and back in
The 82 run partnership was finally broken in the 43rd over with
Harrison (45) being caught by a well taken catch in gully.  Wessel van
Wyke came to the crease and looked strong from the get go as he and
James kept attacking with confidence, with the Glenelg attack
growing weary with watching the runs mount and and having little to
show for their efforts. We passed their score in the 56th over and
continued to build another middle order partnership of 85 runs before
Wessel (34) was given out lbw.  James continued with John Bliss, James
bringing up his first 100 for Kensington with one of many well timed
cover drives throughout his innings that included 15 x 4’s.  James
(106) caught at square leg brought Adam Clements to the middle who
with John continued to grind the Bays into the ground with John (22*)
and Adam (11*) off 12 balls.
At stumps we were 6/270, a great chase with mature batting from the
top and middle order constructing the match winning partnerships.  Man
of the match James Cleggett.

Round 2, U16 Red Report

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Oct 262014
Day 1 at Glenelg, Harrison won the toss and put Glenelg into bat on
what looked like a green hard deck at Sacred Heart.  Ollie Harms and
Adam Clements opened the bowling and much to our surprise Glenelg
started strong, attacking the ball and scoring quickly until Ollie
broke through in the 7th over thanks to a slick catch in slips by
Wessel van Wyke, they were 1/29.

Harrison Rahaley and Lloyd Pope joined the attack, the second
breakthrough came in Lloyd’s third over, luring the well settled
opener to lash out only to be caught by Sam Barnett, three balls later
the new batsmen was on his way back to the rooms clean bowled, Lloyd
was 2/7.  Ashley Eckerman and John Bliss varied the pace, John playing
to his onside field dropped in a short ball and Hamish Porter took a
solid catch at deep backward square, at tea they were 4/112.

After tea, we tried a number of bowling variations, Hamish Porter
bowling with a number of different quicks with shorter spells trying
to unsettle their well established #5 Ricky Boschma, we had our
chances, dropping seven catches of varying degrees of difficulty.
Harrison with the next breakthrough clean bowling their #6 to break
the dangerous partnership.  The next over, Lloyd clean bowls another,
three overs later gets another thanks to Wessel’s safe hands.

It’s not that the tail wagged, they survived and allowed Ricky to keep
the strike and keep the runs ticking over no matter what we through
down.  Hamish was rewarded for a lengthy spell, bowling one of the
persistent blocking tail enders. It was then left to John Bliss to
upset the home team with a brilliant direct hit runout followed by
snaring the wicket of Boschma thanks to Euan running hard to take a
catch to close out their 196 run innings in the 67th over.

This exposed our openers to face one over to close out play for the
day, Sam and Euen always knew they would bat sometime in the day, Sam
faced six dot balls and alot of noise and calmly left the field.
Lloyd finishing with 4/26 off 12, John 2/13 off 6.1, Harrison, Ollie
and Hamish one each.  With a team that can bat all the way through, a
thrilling run chase awaits next week.

Peter Cleggett

Under 16 teams for Round Two.

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Oct 232014

Under 16 teams for round two.

Reds playing Glenelg at Sacred Heart College No.2 from 1.30

Please try to be at the ground by 12.45.

Team manager Peter Cleggett Assistant team manager Graeme Klemm.

Sam Barnett Euan Fletcher Sean McCullum-wk James Cleggett-vc Harrison Rahaley-capt Wessel van Wyke Oliver Harms Adam Clements John Bliss Lloyd Pope Ashley Eckermann Hamish Porter.

Whites to play Glenelg at Marryatville high School from 1.30

Please be at the ground from 12.45.

Team manager Graeme Spence.

Sam Carruthers Jed Spence Luke Valente-capt Rory Illman-wk Fred McClure Arham Hashmi Ben Cox Cooper Harrod Riley Slack David Hamann Finn Hillbery Lewys Evans.

Out injured or away this week.

Tom VanDer Jeugd Connor O’Brien James Ingram Jono Connelly Greg Tanti James DuPreez.

Round 1, U16 Red report

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Oct 192014

The Reds were fortunate enough to hold the season opener against
Northern at Ford Oval, the pitch was perfect and to lose the toss and
be put into bat was a great way to start.
Sam Barnett and Euen Fletcher opened our innings against a fast
Northern attack, cautiously working away at turning over the runs, the
first wicket coming in the ninth over Sam (7).  Sean McCullum joined
Euan at the crease and continued to build a 33 run partnership, before
losing both with the score on 55 after 22 overs, Sean (15) and Euan
Two new batsmen to the crease in as many overs, James Cleggett and
Harrison Rahaley had to get started quickly.  They both took to the
spinners from both ends finding gaps and the boundary forging a
valuable 50 run middle order partnership in as many balls. James (31)
caught  at backward square trying to go over the top brought
Kensington debutant Wessel van Wyke to the crease with six overs to
go.  Harrison and Wessel both lashed out to finish our innings on 141,
Harrison (34*) and Wessel a quick fire (18*) off 19 balls.
James DuPreez (another Kensington debutant) and Ashley Eckerman opened
the bowling with an efficient 4 over spell each, the visitors on 19,
not scoring well but settled.  It was the bowling change with Adam
Clements snaring the first wicket on his second delivery caught behind
by Sean, Adam starting with a wicket maiden.  Northern pushed on
slowly with Adam from the bottom and John Bliss coming from the top,
they made it through to drinks with 1/45.
The next bowling change turned the pressure up for Northern with
Hamish Porter coming into the attack and changing the game with his
leggies.  The first of his wickets coming from nothing short of a
miraculous catch by John Bliss diving forward fully stretched on the
ground at backward point.   Soon after Hamish took out what was left
of the Northern big hitters clean bowling him.  The wickets came
continuously as the pressure mounted, run rate grew and the fielding
and bowling intensified.  Two run outs, and few more catches cleaned
up the tail having Northern all out for 100 in the 40th over.
Best bowling was Hamish 3/20 off 8, Adam 2/18 off 8, Harrison 1/8 off
6, James D 1/14 off 8 and first time Kensington wicket taker Euan 1/0
off his first ball to close out their innings.  A great way to start
the season, everyone contributed to a good win.  Man of the match
Hamish Porter.
Peter Cleggett