Photos from end of season / awards night

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Apr 132016


16 White Premiers

Captain William Warrick

Coach Gary Slack


16 Reds Batting award

Jed Spence


16 Reds Bowling award

Adam Clements


Women’s A grade 20/20 Premiership captain 

Sarah Lowe


Women’s A grade 20/20 Premiership trophy

Sarah Lowe


Kensington award winners

William Warrick,Jed Spence,Christian Leddicoat,Liam Greber,Adam Clements

Jordan Doecke,Sarah Lowe,Katelyn Pope


Junior award winners

Gary Slack,Adam Clements,Jed Spence,Grahame Spence,Greg Slack

William Warrick,Liam Greber,Christian Leddicoat


14 Red Premiership winners

Coach Greg Slack

Captain and batting award winner Christian Leddicoat

Bowling award Liam Greber


Women’s Premiership winners 

Coach Kevin Frick

Team manager and scorer Jane Lowe

Club secretary Tony Rice

Captain Sarah Lowe

Batting award winner Jordon Doecke

Fielding award winner Katelyn Pope


Junior Winners For 5 Wicket Hauls and 100’s for season 2015/2016

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Apr 102016

Junior Winners For 5 Wicket Hauls and 100’s for season 2015/2016

Under 16’s

100’s-16 Whites

Harry Edmonds – 100no vs Glenelg round 4

5 wicket hauls 16 Reds

Adam Clements – 8/13 off 8 overs vs Woodville round 8, 5/30 off 16 overs vs Tea Tree Gully Grand Final

James DuPreez – 5/20 off 8 overs vs Tea Tree Gully round 5

Sam Bruce – 5/35 off 10 overs vs Woodville round 8

5 wicket Hauls 16 Whites

William McGowan – 5/12 off 9 overs vs West Torrens round 2

Max Monfries – 5/13 off 8 overs vs Prospect round 7

Under 14’s

100’s-14 Whites

Jack Read – 149 Rd2 vs West Torrens

14 Reds

Christian Leddicoat – 119 Rd2 vs West Torrens, 136 Rd3 vs Northern Districts,116 not out Rd11 vs Sturt

5 wicket Hauls

Liam Greber – 14 Reds, 5/10 off 9.3 overs Rd 1 vs Port Adelaide

Jack Packer -14 Reds, 5/59 off 16 overs Rd 2 vs West Torrens

Finn March- 14 Whites, 5/2 off 5 overs Rd 8 vs Woodville

Ben Belperio – 5/19 off 11 overs Rd 10 vs  East Torrens

Junior Coordinators Report 2015-16

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Apr 102016

Junior Coordinators Report

Congratulations to all of our Juniors on an amazing season. Our junior program continues to go from strength to strength and be the envy of all other district clubs and the blueprint that SACA promotes openly.

How do you measure success ? Is it the amount of juniors we get playing senior cricket at the club, is it the amount of junior players we get playing First 11 cricket for their schools, is it the number of players being part of representative sides for SA, is it Premierships at the end of the season after 8 months of hard work,skill and determination. It is probably all of these reasons.

I am delighted to say that our talented juniors have excelled in all of these areas. It has been the most successful junior season in the clubs history.

We have had U16 players in Lloyd Pope and Cameron Fatchen playing senior A grade cricket at Kensington and both of them even achieved the distinction of being awarded Bradman medal votes and on Saturday night finished 2nd and 4th in the senior Player of the Year awards. An amazing achievement.

Other junior players to be selected for senior cricket at Kensington this season include Henry Dall,Jed Spence,Ashley Eckermann, Euan Fletcher,who won the U17 Shell Shield competition batting award , Lucas Froude and Sean McCullum, who won the U17 Shell Shield competition wicket keeping trophy and the senior D grade batting trophy.

As a club we entered 7 SACA competitions and we won 4 of them being the Ray Sutton Competition, the 14Reds, the 16Whites and the U17 Bank SA Shield.

We missed out by 1 run in the Grand final in the U16 Reds and played in the semi finals in the 14 Whites and U12 competition.

Our last success in these Premiership winning grades was 4 years ago with the Ray Sutton team,19 years ago with the 14 REDS,5 years ago with the 16 WHITES and 23 years ago with the U17 Bank SA team.

Complete domination at a junior level, congratulations again to our players.

On an individual level, we had 5 winners out of the 8 categories in the SACA awards and one runner up.

Adam Clements winning the U16 RED bowling with an amazing 39 wickets, Jed Spence with 546 runs winning the U16 RED batting,Harry Edmonds winning the U16 WHITE batting,Christian Leddicoat with 658 runs winning the U14 RED batting and Liam Greber collecting the U14 RED bowling trophy.

William McGowan was runner up in the bowling for the U16 WHITES category.

Our Academy continues to develop and once again it has has been superbly led by Ben Johnswood and his team of talented coaches.

The emphasis continues to be at all levels of our junior program to create a fun learning environment so that the players can develop their own style.  The coaching is targeted at skill development and game sense and playing a variety of cricket games internally and also against other quality opposition teams.

I recently witnessed one of the Academy games against West Torrens on Ford oval on a hot Sunday afternoon and the standard was brilliant and the enthusiasm and enjoyment that these young players displayed was outstanding. Even in the last over when Kensington were clear winners the encouragement from the team to the bowler was superb. Our U14 squads will be very strong again next season from the looks of this.

What a season the u14s have had, a Premiership and a close loss in a semi final.

Well done to Greg Slack on coaching and coordinating the squad throughout the season. Talented senior player Liam Scanlon was able to assist part of the season and was the coach of our Premiership winning Ray Sutton team.

On match days, Greg led the RED team and Norm Bear and Tim Rice the WHITE team, well done on a brilliant performance.

The 14 REDS were supremely captained by Christian Leddicoat, already a great leader. Christian is a great communicator and leads the way with his bat,bowling and in the field. 3 centuries and only one loss for the season shows clearly the success that Christian has bought to the team.

Leading the 14 WHITES was Will Rice, who has done an excellent job. Will is a spin bowler who bats in the top order of the team and has been able to combine all of that with the captaincy with great effect.

Our U16 squad of 33 players nearly achieved the unbelievable result of dual Premierships. Cricket is the greatest game in the world but sometimes it tests our sanity especially with a 1 run loss for the REDS in the Grand Final.

Thanks to Peter Marshall,Micheal Clements,Grahame Spence and Angus Slack for their assistance at training throughout the season, it has been truly valued by me and the players.

The 16 REDS have been outstanding this season and a large part of that comes down to 3 people, the superb captain in Adam Clements, what a leader he has been. Adam puts his head down and leads by example and just gets the job done. He is an inspiration to his team mates and to to me as his coach, he has real game sense and doesn’t really need direction, he just gets the job done.

As well as being a super talented cricketer and a great captain he is also an outstanding young man. He will have a huge future at Kensington.

The other 2 people are Grahame Spence and Peter Marshall. Outstanding people, great mentors and always positive and encouraging to the team. Each week I would give Grahame as team manager the job of looking after a different team and we had 21 players represent the REDS this season. What a job Grahame has done and he has been superbly assisted by the ever smiling Peter Marshall. Great job guys.

The Premiership winning 16 WHITES team has been brilliantly led all season by William Warrick. Even though Will could still play at an U14 level this season such is his maturity and cricket ability he has been able to not only play at the older age group but also combine that with outstanding leadership.

The WHITES team has varied each week and Will has been able to mould the team in a successful and winning combination in all but one game for the season.Will has been supported game day by the super friendly team manager Sam Konnis, another outstanding club man and person. Martin Hunkin and Stacey Pedlar have also been really supportive and important parts of the WHITES season, so thank you to all of you.

Our young players have been very privileged to have such wonderful support and guidance from such quality people.

At the start of each season we have more players than places available in the REDS and the WHITES and we again have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to play some of the squad in Andrew Faulkner’s LOA senior team here at the club.

It is the first taste of senior cricket for most of our juniors and being one day games the players are always in the contest. When Andrew was unavailable the team was superbly guided by Ryan Sparrow. Thank you to Andrew and Ryan for the opportunity to allow some of our squad to experience senior cricket and for making the players feel so welcome.

Another great highlight for the season was the amazing performance by the U17 Bank SA Shield team to win the premiership. It had been 23 years since our last success in this high profile competition and the squad was unbeaten in 8 games over 2 weeks, it truly was an a superb performance. The squad were brilliantly managed by senior players Michael Sullivan and Jordan Liemann.

Thanks also go to Jake Brown and John Dalton for the brilliant turf net training and match day pitches that we have here at Kensington, they are without doubt the best in the competition.

I would like to thank the committee for the opportunity to again be the junior coordinator at Kensington.It is a great job and very rewarding to be part of the success of our talented young cricketers.

The future looks bright for the club as we continue to evolve to suit the changing landscape of Australian cricket as the ACB  continue to blueprint plans for the future through SACA to us here at club level. We have to be financially strong,strong with on field performances and continually presenting players at development levels.

Our challenge as a club is to keep creating the best environment  that we possibly can for all of our players to develop their games so that they can fulfil their cricketing dreams as they progress from junior to senior ranks. Every cricketer matures and develops their game at different stages.

We have seen the emergence this season of 16 year olds Cameron Fatchen and Lloyd Pope playing their first A grade games and yet we have club legend Jamie Panelli who has recently retired from A grade after 555 A grade wickets who was 23 when he played his first A grade game.

We have to create the very best environment for all players to progress through the grades no matter what their age, just ask Micheal Hussey and Chris Rogers.

Kensington is the greatest cricket club and it has been an honour and privilege to be part of the team again is season.

Good luck to all the junior cricketers on their cricket journey and I look forward to following your progress through the grades for the Browns.

In terms of support from parents to the club, it is vital and essential. Our club is so dependent on your volunteer assistance through sponsorship, offering to assist on committees,offering to assist at training and on game days. A strong junior structure is critical for the ongoing welfare for our club, you guys can all make a difference and we want and need your support. Don’t be shy, please help us stay the number 1 club in SA.


Kensington Junior Trophy Winners 2015 -2016

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Apr 102016

U16 Reds

Batting – Jed Spence 546 runs @45.5

Bowling – Adam Clements 39 wickets @ 8.51

Fielding – James DuPreez

U16 Whites

Batting – Arham Hashmi 257 runs @64.25

Bowling – William McGowan 24 wickets @8.46

Fielding – Jack Konnis

U14 Reds

Batting – Christian Leddicoat 658 runs @65.80

Bowling – Liam Greber 25 wickets @9.72

Fielding – Matthew Slack

U14 whites

Batting – Caleb Hoberg 202 runs@ 25.25

Bowling – Caleb Hoberg 18 wickets @10.17

Fielding – Harrison Chow

U14 Player of the year

Christian Leddicoat

U16 Player of the year

Adam Clements

Junior Players of the year (A Grade Debutants)

Lloyd Pope 47 wickets @12.0  (15 matches)

Cameron Fatchen 41 wickets @ 16.8 (21 matches)

Academy Winners


Green-Fergus Carruthers 160 runs@ 26.7

Pink-Frank Packer 141 runs@ 35.3

Yellow- Max Kelly 136 runs @27.2

Red- Wills Hillier 131 runs @21.8

Blue – Jamie Taylor 121 runs @ 40.3


Blue- Darius Boast 12 wickets@ 6.8

Yellow- Archie Walters 9 wickets @ 5.6

Pink -Theo Harper 8 wickets @ 9.0

Green- Kai Hoberg 8 wickets @ 10.3

Red- Conor Dwyer 7 wickets @ 10.7


Green- Noah Prenzler

Red – Jasper Thomas

Blue – Jordan Barnett

Yellow- Oscar Lawrance

Pink – Sam Neave

Most Valuable Junior Player

Academy senior- Charlie McKay

Academy junior – Fergus Carruthers


Kensington Raffle winners 2016

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Apr 062016

Congratulations to all the raffle winners, what a performance by the fundraising team lead superbly by Mary Read. Well done Mary from everyone at the club, your magnificent efforts have ensured that we can have a defibrillator for the start of next season.

Prize Winners of Kensington Cricket club Raffle 2016

Voucher for Waterfront Accommodation The Marina Hindmarsh Island  

Won by Nick Moschetta

Signed Ball Adelaide United 

Won by Ted Apled

Signed Top Adelaide united 

Won By Hunkin Family

Full day fishing charter 

Won by John Rocioppi 


Won By Myles Pope

Kensington Cricket Club Tie 

Won by Myles Pope

Kensington Cricket Club Shirt 

Won by Braydon Frost 

Kensington Cricket Cap 

Won by Craig James

Jim Barry Cover Drive Cab Sav X2

Won by Christine Miller

Bottle of Moet 

Won by Warrick Family

4 Organic Shiraz Clare Valley

Won By Kevin Frick 

Mary Read Designs Flower class

Won By Michael Queale

RM Williams polo Shirt 

Won By Rory Montgomery 

Feast Fine Foods Voucher 

Won by Bruce Reynolds 

Queen bed and side tables 

Won by  Mike Szabo

6 X Sav Blanc 

Won by Charmane Jackson 

6 X Pinot Noir 

Won by Rory Montgomery

Clemco Almond packs

Won by 

Neil Smith X 2

Andrew Bills

John Dalton

Charmanie Jackson 

Pat Connolly

Walter Hamann

Kim Atkins

Peter Unikov

Rory Montgomery

Warrick Family

Nick Moschotta

Kensington Hotel Voucher 

Won By David Adams

Bidtrofrance at Burnside Village Voucher 

Won by McGowan Family

Robert Menz Basket 

Won by Pat Melisi

Taught and Bowled Voucher 

Won by Connie Davies

Full Butchered Lamb 

Won by Fred McLure

Nestle Coffee Machine

Won by Mark Nicols

Oplus Breakfast Oates 

Won by Natalie Edwards, Irfan Hasmi, Tim Doule

Any Prizes not collected on the junior presentation night are to be collected from Bonnetts  Saddle World 125 Portrush Rd, Evandale. During business hours .



Gary Slack  

Bonnetts Saddleworld

PAC vs St Peters Intercollegiate Game

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Apr 062016
Well this season the Intercollegiate game between PAC and St Peters has been a tight contest with PAC getting the win by about 60 runs.
We had a huge number of Kensington players involved in the game and here is how they went.

Lucas Froude 52 and James Cleggett 20 in PAC 1st innings of 153; Hamish Gitsham took 3/34 for St Peter’s.

Daniel Subramanium 1/28 in Saints 1st innings 124.

Henry Dall 38, Lucas Froude 39, James Cleggett 19 in PAC 2nd innings 8/327 declared.

Daniel Subramanium 4/64 and 1 catch, James Cleggett 1/7 and a run out,Lucas Froude, Henry Dall and Hamish Porter (12th man) a catch each in  Saints 2nd innings 290 all out.


Gary Slack  

Bonnetts Saddleworld