The Future of the Kensington ClubHouse

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May 252016

As has been very well promoted by the Burnside council, they are trying to remove the cricket and rugby clubhouse, the hardcourt tennis club, the bowling and lawn tennis club and create a HUB on the eastern side of the Kensington Gardens Reserve where our current turf nets are. It is a decision that we at the club strongly DISAGREE with and are being active in negating it.


Last night we had a historic meeting at our cricket club.


We invited the 5 sporting club co tenants of the Kensington Gardens reserve to our clubrooms to discuss the future of our facilities and the Burnside councils plans.It is the first time that this has happened and we have been there on this current site since 1964. The other clubs have been on their current sites since 1969,1919 and 1956.


We are delighted to say that representatives from all groups attended and that the meeting was an enormous step forward for all groups.


Representing Kensington Cricket Club, we had Grant Chapman as President and Greg Slack as treasurer from the general committee. We had Sam Parkinson, Anne Hinton and myself from the VPs and Andrew Faulkner as a life member, club historian and journalist.


From Burnside Rugby club we had Wally Bell, president, John Bradley, operations manager and Ron Lowe, the treasurer


From the East Torrens-Kensington Gardens hardcourt tennis club we had Alan Wells, President and Michael Berry, the VP


From the Kensington Gardens Marryatville Bowling club we had Bevan Carson, President


From the Kensington Gardens Tennis Club we had Wayne Campbell-Saturday morning men’s competition manager


From the Kensington Gardens Bowling and Lawn Tennis Club we had Dean Jarvis as one their life members and legal representative.


The aims of the meeting were to


< ![if !supportLists]>1-      < ![endif]>Get everyone together

< ![if !supportLists]>2-      < ![endif]>Discuss each clubs needs and discussions with the council

< ![if !supportLists]>3-      < ![endif]>Form a working committee to deal with the Burnside council as a sporting group, not as individuals.


We achieved all of these aims with total solidarity.


It is the first time that all the groups had met, it was an enormous success and we now have a chance of trying to cancel the Burnside plan for the combined Hub at Kensington and that we can hopefully keep our own premises and control our own destiny.

We have formed a working party committee with each of the 5 sporting clubs having two representatives on the committee. We will be represented by Grant Chapman from the general committee and myself from the VPs. Grant will be the spokesman for Kensington Cricket Club.

We will be promoting these details to the media through our networks as well as the written media.


Our major aim is to secure our own clubhouse for the long term future of the club whereby we control our own destiny and are not part of an organization where we can potentially lose our identity, lose control of what happens on a day to day basis and any money made for the club would potentially go to the council.



Best wishes, Gary Slack