It is official

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Jul 272016

Great news from the Council meeting last night.


It is official, the Council have voted on the Kensington Gardens Master Plan concept and removed the single hub concept as an option. This is a major change from the Council stance and a huge reward for the passion and power of the community. The unification of the 5 sporting clubs has been a crucial issue and open and transparent discussion of all the issues with the Councillors has helped achieved this great result.


What is means is that the Kensington District Cricket Club will remain in its current location in a shared scenario with the Burnside Rugby Club. The East Torrens Kensington Gardens Hardcourt tennis club, the Kensington Gardens Lawn Tennis Club and the Kensington Marryatville Bowling Club will also keep their clubhouses, their individual identity and control of their clubs.


The committee that the 5 sporting clubs have developed to take on the Council will now put together a plan to work with Council on the Kensington Gardens Reserve Master Plan for discussion mid August this year. This plan will entail details of each facility and their needs for upgrade or rebuild plus the issues of parking,the creek line, the lake and walking paths which will be presented to the Burnside Council in September for approval.


Our plan is to forward a proposal that looks at what are current needs are, what we need to do for the next 3-5 years and then for the future. This may mean part renovation and upgrade through to total rebuild in time. It is exciting and so if you have any ideas please share them with us.


Gary Slack


Here is the wording from the Council meeting last night.


“It is therefore recommended that Council resolve that a single Hub facility will not be considered through the development of the Kensington Gardens Reserve Master Plan and that the administration work with the Kensington Gardens Reserve Sporting Clubs Strategic Planning Committee in developing a Master plan option that satisfies the needs of the Clubs ,and provides significant benefit to the Burnside community”


Approved by all the Councillors unanimously.     




Great news for the Browns

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Jul 212016

Thankyou for your support, it has made a difference.


We have been united as a club and united as a sporting community who call Kensington Gardens Reserve our home.


In a major breakthrough with the Burnside Council, the two Councillors responsible for our area have decided to change their stance about the single Hub sporting location for the Kensington Gardens Reserve.


Next Tuesday at the Council meeting, Councillors Piggott and Davis will  recommend to the other Councillors that the Master Plan for Kensington Gardens NOT include plans for the single hub like originally planned and to work with the 5 sporting clubs that have been major stakeholders for up to 97 years. This is exciting plans as the 3 current facilities that are home to the Kensington District Cricket Club, the Burnside Rugby Club, the East Torrens Kensington Gardens Hardcourt Tennis Club, Kensington Marryatville Bowling Club and the Kensington Gardens Lawn Tennis club will remain and be either upgraded or replaced in time with new facilities.


Attached is the front page article from the local Eastern Courier Messenger paper this week.


Also attached is the new clubhouse that SACA is aiming to build at Park 25 across from the new Hospital. This is a SACA project and we are using their expertise as part of our team as well for the Kensington Gardens Reserve Master Plan.


Thanks for your continued support and we will keep you updated with more exciting news.


Have a great day, Gary Slack on behalf of the team at Kensington District Cricket Club   











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