Mar 222015

After batting last week and setting an excellent total of 190 with a superb not out century to Will Montgomery and great support from Tully Kennett, our job this week was to bowl well and take wickets early to put the Adelaide batters under scoreboard pressure. Captain Will Montgomery had a plan to their opener and so we started with Hamish and Will Warrick with 2 gullies and 2 slips.

The Adelaide batters started aggressively, clearly with a plan to go hard and try to establish some pressure on us. The plan went their way for the first 4 overs as they drove hard and well, until they decided to test our fielding standard. Step up Zac Norris with a pin point throw and opener number 2 was on his way.

Then the second gully plan worked with an excellent catch by Luke Pedlar and their key opener was in the shed too. What appeared to be a super catch at 1st slip by Angas Marshall had the umpires giving the benefit of the doubt to the batter (it has taken all season for that to happen) but then a couple more wickets, one to Max Floreani and one to Sam Bruce and at tea Adelaide 4 for 82 still needing 109 off 30 overs.

After 41 overs Adelaide were looking for over 5 an over but, with their skipper going really well and accelerating the scoring, things weren’t going all our way. We badly need to break the building partnership! A drinks break brought back Hamish and the wicket to break the partnership that threatened us. Shortly after, Will Warrick knocked over their skipper. Another wicket to San Bruce, one to Will McGowan and excellent fielding again contributing with another run out (to Jack Konnis) and then a blinder of a catch at short cover by Will Warrick!

Suddenly it was all over – Adelaide all out for 125 in 57overs. Bowling was shared around, Hamish Gitsham 1/34 off 11, Will Warrick 2/15 off 9, Will McGowan 1/19 off 10, Max Floreani 1/11 off 5, Sam Bruce 2/17 off 10, Will Montgomery 0/10 off 5 and Jack Konnis 1/5 off 2. Player of the Match Will Montgomery.

An excellent all round performance from the boys setting us up for a super Grand Final against great rivals Sturt. If we play as we have all season and do the basics well we can be confident of a fitting end to the season.

Good luck boys – Go Browns!!!

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