Aug 162016

Here is a great story about the introduction of a girls cricket Academy at Kensington. We have had an enormously  successful boys academy been running at the club for 4 seasons and now the opportunity has emerged for the girls. We are very excited about it as women’s cricket is booming and we have Redback’s players in our club like Bridget Patterson,Sarah Lowe and Katelyn Pope.  

Why a girls academy?

With the current interest in cricket generally, and in particular women’s cricket with the profile of the Southern Stars and the successful introduction last season of the WBBL, the time is right to introduce an academy for junior girls at Kensington. It has been a dream of the club, and in the pipe-line, for some time. Timing now is perfect.

 Why is it important to the club?

Kensington has been at the forefront of cricket in the state for some time, and is currently ranked number 1 of the 87 Cricket Australia(CA) affiliated clubs Australia-wide.

The club introduced its extremely successful junior boys academy in season 2012/13. That structure has been adopted by several other clubs and has been recognised by the South Australian Cricket Association(SACA)as the blueprint for the competition.

Since introducing the boys academy, a girls academy is the natural progression.

The club last season won The Presidents Trophy as the most successful club in the women’s competition at SACA, and we have the largest number of female registered players of any SACA club.

The academy will provide the next group of players to join the ranks at Kensington.

 Who is it aimed at?

The academy will cater for girls 9-18 years of age who are keen to learn about cricket, and eventually play competitive club cricket. They will be in 2 groups, nominally 9-12 and 13-18.

 Who will be coaching?

Carolyn Dittmar is a former state Redback’s cricket player, and has coached at state level, up to an assistant’s role with the Scorpions. SACAs C Grade medal – now sadly in hiatus, as the C grade competition no longer exists – has been named in her honour, and as the players in the academy are of similar age/ability of the C grade competition, it is the perfect fit for Carolyn to take on this coaching role.

Andy Mulvany who is involved in junior cricket at Athelstone as well as Kensington will act as assistant. A number of the club’s senior players will also assist with coaching, and we will also engage current and former state players.

General information

As previously stated, we already have a strong, but brief, history of women’s cricket at Kensington.  We currently field 1@ A grade side and 2@B grade sides in SACAs competition. Last season our A grade defended its T20 final, and was runner-up in the 50 over competition, repeating the results of the previous season. 2 seasons ago the club had won its inaugural 50 over final, and it has been runner-up in the T20 final on 4 occasions, only missing the final once in the past 7 years.

We have Kensington players in every state side from SAPSASA (under 13) through to the Strikers WBBL, and Bridget Patterson is currently in the Australian Shooting Stars team. We have a number of players in Australian junior development squads.

Our current A grade captain, Sarah Lowe, started playing cricket at the club as a 9yo in 2002, having been involved in a school – based competition run at the club.

It is hoped the academy will discover the next generation of Bridgets,Katelyn and Sarahs.

When will it start?

The academy will run for 12 weeks, (6 weeks pre-Christmas, 6 weeks post-Christmas) commencing on Friday October 28th. The sessions will run from 4-530 on Friday nights. There will also be some matches arranged at other times.

How do people get involved?

Interested participants can read the information and register via the club’s website at


Jane Lowe is the contact for the girls Academy and I have CCed Jane’s email address at the top. As well as that Jane is on the Kensington committee and is the womens’ cricket delegate at the club. Jane can organise some girls for a photo as well for you.

Her contact number is  0417 087 546

Go the Browns!


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