Dec 152016
Hi All,

With both 2nd grade teams not able to make the Grand Final, the 1st Grade stand alone this week. A tough weekend last week as both 2nd Grade teams battled a lack of numbers. Both had only 7 for the 1st game with the 2nd game no better. Unfortunately the lack of numbers told with the Browns losing in the 19th Over against Northern with only 7 players. Interestingly only a month ago we loaned Northern's fielders when they were short in the 40 Over game. No reciprocation last week.

1ST Grade V Southern Districts at Park 25 #3 on SATURDAY 17TH DECEMBER. Game starts at 11:50. Ready for warm ups by 11:00. Southern Districts are the home team.

Amy Wiseman (C), Jordan Doecke, Rachel Church, Kelly Armstrong, Hannah Armstrong, Eliza Doddridge, Sarah J Jameson, Emily Jones, Shae Daly, Sophi-Rose Green, Maeve Edwards

CONGRATULATIONS to Maeve Edwards and Sophi-Rose Green on their 1st Grade debuts this week. We wish you both well. Good Luck

Ditts, Andy and Kevin

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