Feb 092017

This round the Browns take on Adelaide Cricket Club in Round 11 of the SACA Premier Cricket Competition.

We are heading towards the business end of the season and with premiership tables growing increasingly crowded wins are at a premium.

A Grade vs Adelaide at Parkinson Oval, Sat Feb 11 and Sat Feb 18, 11:00am start
Team* – Henry Dall, John Dalton, Adam Hose, Alex Ross, Jake Brown (c), James Seward (wk), Hugh Cranendonk, Daniel Worrall, Elliot Opie, Cameron Fatchen and Lloyd Pope

*We will need to wait before finalising this team as David Grant and Elliot Opie have both been chosen in the Redbacks squad of 13 for the Shield match with Victoria starting Friday. The final XI will be confirmed tomorrow morning.

B Grade vs Adelaide at Glandore Oval, Sat Feb 11 and Sat Feb 18, 11:00am start
Team – Alex Chapman, Liam Scanlon, Sam Williams, Simon Schwerdt (c), Eddie Steele (wk), Michael Davies, Nick Palmer, Daniel Burns, Hiran Lecamwasam, Scott Aufderheide and Michael Cappelluti

C Grade vs Adelaide at Colonel Waite Oval, Sat Feb 11 and Sat Feb 18, 1:00pm start
Team – Jed Spence, David Brown, Euan Fletcher, Ty Wundenberg, Michael Cotsios, Brayden Frost, Sean McCullum (wk), Steve Tanti, James du Preez, Eddy Greeves (c) and Ash Eckermann

Well done to Jed Spence who will make his C Grade debut.

D Grade vs Adelaide at Park 23, Sat Feb 11 and Sat Feb 18, 1:00pm start
Team – John Bliss, Corey White (wk), James Duncan, Luke Pedlar, Alex Buckby, Jordan Leiman (c), Tom MacKenzie, Daniel Subramaniam, Lochlan Roberts, Adam Clements and James Risby

Well done to Corey White and James Risby who have earned promotions after some good performances with the LOA’s.

LOA Grade vs Grange at Grange Oval No 2, Sat Feb 11, 1:00pm start
Team – Andrew Faulkner (c/wk), Ryan Sparrow, Nathan Woods, Charlie Avent, Scott Bassett, Nathan Bassett, Tom Evans, Barry Steele, Nick Holmes, Lewis Young and Abraham Tomich

Good luck to all teams and we will see everyone back at the club for presentations on Feb 18.

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