Mar 092017
Hi All,

The season’s end is rapidly drawing near. Lets hope, pray and prepare for more success as finals approach. Don’t forget the BBQ on Sunday during and following the games. A couple of awesome volunteers, Kathryn and Russell have offered to cook the BBQ during the afternoon also. Please let Jane know ASAP how many of you will be there after the game. All 3 teams at home this week:
1ST GRADE V SOUTHERN DISTRICTS AT PARKINSON OVAL. 50 Over Game starting at 11:50. Warm Ups ready to go at 11:00. Afternoon tea required this week for all team, so Popey, Chloe and Lauren get thinking
Katelyn Pope(C), Jordan Doecke, Eliza Doddridge, Shae Daly, Kelly Armstrong, S.J.Jameson, Amy Kaesler, Georgia Iannella, Amy Wiseman, Rachel Church, Sarah Ferris
2ND GRADE BROWNS V NORTHERN DISTRICTS ORANGE AT COL WAITE. 40 Over game starting at 1:00pm. Warm Ups from 12:00. AFTERNOON TEA
Chloe Frick(C), Emily Jones, Amelie Green, Bridee Tonkin, Jill Latimer, Sam Tammitta, Ursula Gully, Nikki Moyle
2ND GRADE GOLDS V PROSPECT AT FORD OVAL. 40 Over game starting at 1:00pm. Warm Ups from 12:00. AFTERNOON TEA
Lauren Semmens (C), Jess Murray, Tya Gonsalves, Cassidy Perkins, Marg Hay, Maeve Edwards, Jacqui Manning, Sophie Roberts, Olivia Mulvany, Ayisha Salah
Good Luck to everyone this week. If there are any players not named but able to play PLEASE let me know ASAP
Kevin, Ditts and Andy

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