Mar 092017

Very tough selections this week and unfortunately several players are missing out on a match.

We take on East Torrens in the ‘eastern derby’ with a one day match in all grades. The Reds are around the mark in all grades so a good test as we lead into the finals. For the D’s it is a must-win game if we are to make the four.

A Grade vs East Torrens at Parkinson Oval, Sat Mar 11, 11:00am start
Team – John Dalton, Henry Dall, Jake Brown (c), Alex Ross, James Seward (wk), Simon Schwerdt, Hugh Cranendonk, Elliot Opie, Cameron Fatchen, Hiran Lecamwasam and Lloyd Pope

B Grade vs East Torrens at Campbelltown Oval, Sat Mar 11, 11:00am start
Team – Liam Scanlon (c), Will Montgomery, Sam Williams, Eddie Steele, Lucas Froude (wk), Michael Davies, Nick Palmer, Daniel Burns, Scott Aufderheide, Ashley Eckermann and Michael Cappelluti

C Grade vs East Torrens at Colonel Waite Oval, Sat Mar 11, 11:00am start
Team – Alex Chapman, Michael Sullivan, Euan Fletcher, Ty Wundenberg, Michael Cotsios, Sean McCullum (wk), Steve Tanti, Oliver Harms, David Brown, Jamie Panelli and Eddy Greeves (c)

D Grade vs East Torrens at Windsor Gardens Vocational College, Sat Mar 11, 11:00am start
Team – Jed Spence, Arham Hashmi, James Cleggett, Luke Pedlar, Dylan Mosey, Brayden Frost (wk), Jordan Leiman (c), Tom MacKenzie, James du Preez, John Bliss and Adam Clements

LOA Grade vs ICCSA at Nazareth College, Sat Mar 11, 1:00pm start
Team – Nathan Woods, James Duncan, Ryan Sparrow, Nathan Bassett, Scott Bassett, Charlie Avent, Andrew Faulkner (wk), Lochlan Roberts, Daniel Subramaniam, Nick Holmes and James Risby

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