Nov 212017

Kensington defeated East Torrens

Day 1, As we all arrive late to the game due to the assistance of a confused Google Maps which guided most of us to either the Velodrome or the Croatian Club, we descended onto the ground to view the pitch. Well what a pitch it was, unrolled, unweeded with a very distinctive camber. Mmm do we bat or bowl?

As the Australian saying goes “go tails with the toss, think about bowling first, think again and then bat”. Well on the back of 2 very good games the boys decided to back themselves in and go for an outright from the word go.  A good decision from a confident team unit. The boys are sent out with a target of 3 wickets per session.

The team welcomes Charlie McKay into the side for the first time as JT steps up to open the bowling as Harry and Anik had been called up into the RED’s.  He was supported by Austin from the other end.  The pitch wasn’t giving any assistance at all and the boys had to work hard. The hardest work of the day was left to the wicket keepers as the ball would go through at ankle level.

Lachie Gitsham was in close with helmet, box and shin pads on adding pressure to the batsmen as the ball went either side of him. All the lads stepped up, superbly led by Sam and the pressure was on.

7 overs down for 13 runs and JT gets the breakthrough caught by Austin. 3 overs later Austin bowls a ripper and Sam takes a one-handed pearler in first slip. 2 for 26.

JT bowls on leg and the batsman glides the ball down to fine leg and they set off, Austin picks up and throws to the far end and the batsman is short of his ground. 3 for 26 and we as a team have hit our first target.

Time for a bowling change and Solomon comes into the play and that man Austin again with a catch. 4 for 36 in the 18th over and well on our way.

Into the second session and we are on top. East Torrens dig in for a fight and start slowing it up. A few hard miss chances go by and the ball starts playing lower and lower as it seems the track was slowing up.  On comes our spinner with Zac controlling the flight and we pick up our 5th wicket with an excellent stumping by Will. 5 for 70 after 27 overs.

Sam brings himself on and has his man clean bowled.  6 for 81.  Sam continues and the new batsman smashes the ball to backward of square where Nolen takes a great down low catch. 7 for 81.

Sam makes another move and Lachy Gitsham is bought on from the Northern end as we try to get our second target of 3 for the session with time against us. Last ball before lunch and yes Gitch does it.  LBW to dismiss their leading run scorer 8 for 94 at tea.

After a quick bite to eat and 4 litres of cordial, the boys are back out there with plenty of yap and the focus on the remaining 2 wickets and more importantly to keep them under 120 runs. James Woods is asked to bowl flat out and to have the batsmen on the back foot which he did and was very unlucky not to be rewarded with a wicket or two.  JT is back into the attack and Sam takes another good catch. 9 for 108 with an hour left and the coach starts sending the word out to slow it right down so we won’t have to bat. However, Sam and JT have other ideas with James Woods taking the catch to end East Torrens’ innings for 119.

James Taylor 3 for 20 off 8
Austin Davidson 1 for 12 off 8
James Woods 0 for 16 off 8
Solomon Muster 1 for 7 off 5
Zac Sauerwald 1 for 16 off 10
Nolen Titus 0 11 off 2
Charlie McKay 0 for 9 off 3
Lachy Gitsham 1 for 9 off 3
Noah Leydon 0 for 9 off 5

On a hard pitch which conceded 13 byes, 13 wides and 10 no balls.

Kensi go in with 40 minutes to bat or 14 overs. Charlie McKay and Will Sherman head out to bat full of composure with only one thing on their minds – 6pm.  They are told to take their time, play their normal game and enjoy themselves with a task of getting through to the end of play and to have the score under 100.

 We sat down for a tense 40 minute spell.  No need to worry. No night watchman required as the boys, playing together for the first time, set off to bat without any trouble or chances given to leave us 91 runs to chase for a win, this included some impressive pitch gardening from both batsmen as well as taking guard each over.

EODP 0 for 28

Day 2, We turn up on the second day at 0 for 25 off 14 overs with the West Torrens coach very keen NOT to play. On inspection of the pitch we find it to be damp and rough but despite this we let the umpire know that we are ready to go and as the umpire was keen for match payments the was game on.

It was a hard day early with the ball coming off very slow from a short length delivery and at times the ball would leave an impression in the pitch.  At full length the ball could dart off in any direction and at any height.

Our batsmen have to dig in deep to ensure a fighting win as we lose 5 of the top order caught in close off slow ballooning balls due to the pitch conditions.

Our openers, who bravely batted through the 14 overs the week before on a bouncy uneven wicket  find themselves facing  the total opposite and Charlie leads the way facing approx. 80 balls for 27 runs and Will 55 balls for his 11.  Our first loss comes with 34 runs on the board.

We lose quick wickets and it seems our eagerness to play may be going against us.  We find ourselves going from 1 for 34 to be 4 for 64 and then 6 for 92 as the pitch starts to dry up leaving hand grenades lying everywhere.  Our Captain Sam led the way with a great controlled and measured innings picking off singles and forcing the fielding team to work hard.

Sam worked hard with the middle order and there was some relief when Lachlan G hit 2 quick fours.   Zac worked hard off 15 balls to collectively put on a 19 run partnership with Sam.   Nolen walked to the pitch un fazed at 7 for 111 to help bring the win home facing 21 balls in a partnership of 32.

At 8 for 143 we have a mid-pitch conference and with Sam in the 40’s he suggests a declaration as every good captain would.   We decide to bat on as JT was keen to have a swing and to allow Sam to let loose.  The lads, with smiles on their faces,  let their bats do the talking as we batted on until 4:20pm when JT was caught for 27 ( 3 fours and a six).  Sam finished not out 71 off 80 balls.

We declared to give ourselves a go at an outright.  This decision was well supported by James as the next incoming batsmen who understood what was at stake.

The outright wasn’t to be as the opposition finished with hard hitting 2 for 97.

Highlights of the game;

  • Sam Lucas’s Captain’s Knock of 71 not out and 2 great catches
  • Charlie Mackay hard fought opening innings
  • Jamie Taylor 4 wickets and assisted run out for the match and his entertaining 27 runs
  • Austin’s run out after picking the ball up at fine leg to throw to the bowler’s end and his unlucky and economical bowling spells
  • James Wood’s attitude when declaring.


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