Dec 112017

KENSINGTON  3 / 367   (40)    VS PORT ADELAIDE  9/ 13   (17 .3)   all out 


From previous experience we weren’t expecting a strong challenge from Port so we set ourselves some accomplishable goals to keep us focused.

Unfortunately we passed that goal in the 30th over with 10 to go due to some prodigious runmaking from our openers.  Cormac Dwyer  108 (85) and Max Kelly 101 (71) put on a superlative display of power hitting and tireless running before they were both retired not out (sorry boys !).

It was always going to be a hard act to follow those two but to their credit the run machine continued  with Max Michalanney 51 (31), Jasper Polglase 31 (25)  , Alex Robertson  15 (12) n.o  and Milo Bennett 12(7) n.o all maintaining the run rate.

A big welcome to Luke Homan who drove from Naracoorte for the game who received a pearler of a ball to be dismissed for 9 (9).

It would have been easy to switch off at this stage but the bowlers wanted a piece of the action as well and we were able to dismiss Port for 13.  Seb Mcvann led the way with 4/0 , Jack (scary ) Matchett 2/4 and Luke Homan 2/4 and Hamish Towers 0/4 turning the ball a mile.

If we were to find a negative for our bowling stint, all runs off the bat except 1 were through slips. Time to sharpen those reflexes boys !

All in all a very professional job from the reds and congratualations again t to Max and Cormac for their chanceless centuries. 

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