Dec 132017

Tuesday’s Twenty20 at home to East Torrens fell significantly flatter than the one-wicket thrilling win over Sturt just two weeks earlier. Alas, this wasn’t just for the absence of DJ/MC Michael Sullivan’s amplified contributions in order to make way for an entertaining live stream with Browns luminaries Grant Chapman, Jamie Panelli, Barry Steele and Anthony McDonald joining Dave Webb in the commentary box.

Skipper Elliot Opie had no hesitation in electing to bat but the Browns found it difficult to get the East Torrens bowlers away as they mixed up their deliveries. We were just 1/30 after the six-over power play but managed to post a potentially competitive 4/136 with contributions from John Dalton (40 off 33), Adam Hose (36 off 41), Robbie White (27 off 27) and Charlie Holmes (18no off 13). The innings featured eight fours and two sixes, on the lower side of typical T20 expectations.

It’s fair to say Jake Lehmann (76no off 39) and Michael Cranmer (44 off 24) made easier work of their chase, right from the opening over yielding 24 to being 0/47 off three, 0/78 from the six-over power play to the first wicket falling at 108 in the ninth.

Those with the facility to review the online coverage, on Facebook or at, but without the time to soak in all commentary ruminations might choose to skip straight to about 2:05 to see David Grant’s impressive catch running in from long off to pouch a ball that had been hit very high indeed and well out of the camera shot that barely does it justice, Charlie Holmes the beneficiary and lone wicket taker. Reviewers with an extra 60 seconds on their hands can cue to a minute earlier and hear ‘Cheesy’ McDonald musing about making his A Grade debut in 1994 in the same game as the club’s current 1st grade scorer who, if he’d been listening, would have been able to tell Cheesy that the Reds had by that stage smashed 16 fours and two sixes… as well as reassert that his own A Grade scoring debut was at the start of the 1993-94 season after a three-season apprenticeship in lower grades.

The visitors reached the target off 12.5 overs with nine wickets in hand. With two wins in the bank, Kensington should still make the eight-team round of T20 qualifying finals but might well need a win at Uni next week and even then possibly have to wait on the remaining Round 4 results of 9 January to be sure.

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