Feb 052018

14 Whites v Glenelg

The 14 Whites headed down to Glenelg playing on another green top with a hard slab of concrete underneath. Captain Sam Neave won the toss and elected to bat (largely because we only had 7 players at the time!)

Some starts to a day of cricket you just want to forget! Maybe press the reset button and start again and this was the case for our 14 whites. Batting orders were changed up a little which gave boys the opportunities that we want to give all players however it backfired on us in this game. Runs were really hard to come by with an outfield that seem to suck the life out of every ball that was hit.

We lost consistent wickets early to be 3/11 after 9 overs and really having to work hard to hold our wicket and try to actually score a run.  A good innings was being had by Oliver Cooke showing some cricket maturity whist wickets kept continuing to fall. 6 for 26 after 21 and we were in real trouble. The boys were asked to be more positive and try to set a target of 100 runs which would have been an outstanding result if we could manage it. Batters still falling at regular intervals and our innings closed in the 34th over. Oliver Cook the only one to hit double figures with 27.

All out 74.

Our players were flatter than the concrete deck they were playing on so some strong encouragement pointing out that we had a cracking bowling line up and that Glenelg still needed to get the runs.

Glenelg’s inning started much like ours with runs nearly impossible to score for anyone hitting balls along the ground. The Kenis boys were bowling to a standard above the level we were playing and whilst taking wickets was a grind we were really on top. Nick Graves was bowling better than ever whilst Milo Bennett (back from a back injury) was bowling fast and straight. 3/13 after 10 and we were looking like we might pull off a massive come back. Tight bowling continued with Cam Atherton, Jasper Thomas and Sam Neave really making Glenelg work hard for any runs. Kyle Adams tried something new keeping up to the stumps to the medium paces which was impressive and putting the batters under real pressure. Liam Overall came on and bowled with some real express pace (faster than anybody I’ve seen in white’s comp) eventually seeing the wickets cartwheeling and Kensi on top. Glenelg now 4/38 after 29. Parents on the side were all starting to get a little nervous with what was now going to be a real contest! Mitch Making again came on and taking wickets getting 2 at crucial times. Glenelg now 7/45 and everybody was up and about. Unfortunately for us again we found a lad batting for the other side who was happy to take risks and smash balls over the top (something we should learn a bit from). The game came down to the last over and last wicket (Glenelg 9/72). Unfortunately (again) we fell short the 3rd or 4th time this season in the last over.

Great contest by the boys!

We must learn to win games and in my opinion, I feel it starts at training and a commitment to improve even only by 1% which will make the difference between winning and a loss.

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