As you may know, Kensington District Cricket Club is proudly an amateur club. While we do pay some coaching staff and bar staff, we have never paid players at Kensington.  Most of the Club is run by volunteers. After winning the Club Championship last year, our on-field performance remains strong. It is fair to say that off the field we are going through somewhat of a transition period with new bar staff and a new bar manager.

However, the Club needs your help! We have a few volunteers, including those on the Committee, plus others such as Kanga Cricket BBQs, scorers, IT support and team managers; but we always need more.

Below is a summary of the areas where we need volunteer support – mostly done in conjunction with the bar staff rostered on:

  • Pre-game day preparation, such as filling drink bottles and mixing cordial (normally done after Thursday night training or on Friday ready for Saturday)
  • Game day support such as arranging each team’s esky & drinks; putting up sponsors’ signs around the Club and ensuring the Club is neat and tidy ready for a busy day (Saturdays and occasionally Sundays)
  • Post-game day support such as rinsing out eskies and drink bottles and a general tidy up of the Club and change rooms (we employ cleaners – so this is more of a tidy up)
  • Selection night player dinners (generally every 2nd Thursday night)
  • There are always odd jobs around the club that need doing at any time.

As you can see it’s hardly glamorous but research by Volunteers Australia shows:

  • Volunteers are happier, healthier and sleep better than those who don’t volunteer – doctors should recommend it.
  • 96% of volunteers say that it “makes people happier.”
  • 95% of volunteers say that volunteering is related to feelings of wellbeing.
  • Volunteering results in a “helper’s high,” a powerful physical and emotional feeling experienced when directly helping others.
  • Just a few hours of volunteer work makes a difference in happiness and mood.
  • Sustained volunteering is associated with better mental health.
  • Altruistic emotions and behaviours are associated with greater well-being, health, and longevity.
  • The experience of helping others provides meaning, a sense of self-worth, a social role and health enhancement.
  • Volunteering is associated with greater health and happiness.

So if you would like to reap some of these benefits, please register your interest with me, including what times you may be available; it doesn’t have to be a firm commitment every week – but ideally we would finish up with a roster.

If you don’t have time to volunteer, that’s ok too – remember – you are always welcome in the Club.

Kind regards, Matt  0411 455 811